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Which Craft?

Monday, April 12th, 2010

I wish I had more time to do crafty things.  People think that since I’m a photographer, I must be artistic or creative, but really, no.  Not that much.  At least I don’t think I am. 

Sad but true facts about yours truly:  One, I have been knitting the same red scarf for the past six years.  You heard right.  Unfortunately, it’s the same single knit stitch.  Two, I am a lover of all things Etsy.  I will share those things with you in a few.  And three, I wish I was a quilter. 

I mean, who can resist this? I know its just the fabric, but how cute is that for a little boy? Like I totally need to take up another hobby. Sure.

Etsy Saves the Day
Ah, Etsy.  Yet another collection of things you don’t really need, but really want anyhow.  Ok, so I have a few Etsy sites I love and I am constantly looking for more. If you have any that I must see, please, please share your favorites in the comment box below. It can be anything Etsy; I’m not picky.

A few of my faves (photos courtesy of Etsy):
Mama May I: Sweet and colorful toys and blankets to stimulate baby’s senses.


Njia Studios/SoulyYours: Rustic, handmade fine silver pieces.  Eco-friendly and modern.


Lil Boo and Co: Creatively shaped crayons, adorable monogrammed cupcake toppers and more. 

I have more…much more.  But not today.  Saving it for another day of Etsy adventures.


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