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Which Craft?

Monday, April 12th, 2010

I wish I had more time to do crafty things.  People think that since I’m a photographer, I must be artistic or creative, but really, no.  Not that much.  At least I don’t think I am. 

Sad but true facts about yours truly:  One, I have been knitting the same red scarf for the past six years.  You heard right.  Unfortunately, it’s the same single knit stitch.  Two, I am a lover of all things Etsy.  I will share those things with you in a few.  And three, I wish I was a quilter. 

I mean, who can resist this? I know its just the fabric, but how cute is that for a little boy? Like I totally need to take up another hobby. Sure.

Etsy Saves the Day
Ah, Etsy.  Yet another collection of things you don’t really need, but really want anyhow.  Ok, so I have a few Etsy sites I love and I am constantly looking for more. If you have any that I must see, please, please share your favorites in the comment box below. It can be anything Etsy; I’m not picky.

A few of my faves (photos courtesy of Etsy):
Mama May I: Sweet and colorful toys and blankets to stimulate baby’s senses.


Njia Studios/SoulyYours: Rustic, handmade fine silver pieces.  Eco-friendly and modern.


Lil Boo and Co: Creatively shaped crayons, adorable monogrammed cupcake toppers and more. 

I have more…much more.  But not today.  Saving it for another day of Etsy adventures.

Be a Part of Something Big

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

There was once a little girl named Layla Grace.  She lost her battle with stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer at age two last month.  Her presence here on earth was short, but her legacy will endure.  And I know she will help start a change.

Have you ever wished you had the power to do something that could make a change?  I am a huge advocate for causes, mainly children’s causes–specifically, children’s cancer.   So it is an honor for me to be part of something big.  And you can help too.  Give back while getting back and join us in a Party for Layla this Sunday, April 18th. 

Being an avid Facebook junkie, I followed a blog link that my friend Christie Lacy posted on her page.  What I read really hit home with me.  I heard my own personal emotions and struggles with childhood cancer echoed in the voice of a mother watching her baby die.  I prayed for her, and thought about her family often. 

On the morning I opened Christie’s email about Party for Layla, I was overwhelmed.  I knew God had a hand in this and we were just a small part of the big picture.  Christie’s email detailed a wonderful opportunity for a community to honor Layla Grace while getting some portraits back in return.  A portrait party with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Marsh family and their cancer research foundation to fight Neuroblastoma.  Click on the blog banner above to find out more.   

It is so important to cherish every moment with your children and family.  Its also especially important to capture that time with photographs. 

Now if only the weather would stay nice…

Coming Clean

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Hello 2010
In case there are actually people out there that follow this blog, a few things:

1. There is a new blog in the works, so stay tuned.

2. I’m down, but I’m not out.

3. Two years ago in June, I stopped writing in this blog. That day changed everything. My oldest daughter, then 3 1/2 years old, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The road has been a long one, and I am now a different person to say the least.

Her name is Emma and she’s the light of my life. Since then, she has been through two brain surgeries, countless therapies, and six weeks of radiation. She is a cancer survivor…at age five. She is my inspiration.

What I have learned from her, I share with others. Emma has taught me strength and thoughtfulness, and has shown me God’s grace. I have learned that life cannot be taken for granted. Not a single day.

I put my photography business away for a while, fulfilling only a very few previously booked commitments for the remainder of 2008. I contemplated closing up shop and only taking photos for my personal use for the next year. But in January 2009, I was contacted by a family with a 2 year old boy who was going into battle with leukemia. They asked me to photograph their little boy before he underwent treatment, as their cancer journey would be a long one too.

I think that was a sign of what I was supposed to do; to continue documenting families in their everyday lives. To not stop, but to go on. Bigger and better, wearing your courage, and showing your strength. I now go into shoots with more heart than I had before. Taking nothing for granted. Not a single day in their lives, because you just never know.

Late last year, as Emma was recovering from her second tumor resection, I delivered my third child, a son named Joshua. Our family is doing very well. Here is Emma’s story if you are so inclined.

All About Amy
When I saw a blog post about photographer Amy Wenzel‘s workshop giveaway at I Heart Faces, it made me sad. I realized that I had been slacking for too long. Not giving people an explanation of what had happened in my previous post.

You see, the irony is I have been a HUGE Amy Wenzel fan for years, reading her blog, being inspired by her work. So when her husband David was diagnosed with brain cancer last year, I was surprised to learn that she didn’t hide. Not like me. She took the Lord’s hand and He gave her the strength to continue. Now that’s inspiring.

This made me realize that though I had made my cancer journey public, it wasn’t exactly “public” in my work life. But now it is. Amy Wenzel has made me come clean. Thanks for that. Will I be a chosen for her workshop? I doubt it. One thing is for sure though, I have gotten it off my chest. Like it or not, I won’t hide anymore.

That said, look who’s back. :)

Busy, Busy, Busy Bee

Monday, March 24th, 2008

That’s me. Way too busy to really tell you much more. Here is my blog entry for March. I’m so bad. ;)

If You Give Your Kid a Camera…

Monday, December 3rd, 2007
Ever read those books by Laura Numeroff–”If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” or “a Mouse a Cookie?” The characters ask for more and more and get into so much trouble and mess. It’s the same way if you give your toddler a camera.

We got one of those indestructible kid digital cameras from Fisher Price for my daughter’s 3-year birthday. Of course she loves it. She always wants to mess with my camera and equipment so she was so thrilled to get something of her own. I highly recommend it for those of you who take lots of photos and has a kid who wants to do the same. They really are indestructible if you drop them, and they also withstand countless hours of chewing and drool from the baby. The flash is a little bright, but it’s still pretty cool. Plus, it’s never to early to encourage a young photographer’s eye.

It’s so weird how she gets really creative with it. Seems she’s into shooting abstract, art-type things. I’m so proud! (sniffle.) See for yourself.

Her feet in the car.

Her feet at home.

Love this one…What art! The baby gate. ;)

And my all-time favorite…portrait of big sister in pajamas with lovey blankie by her side. (Those are the 3-year-old’s blankies, not the teenager’s.)

I also recommend the Barbie Baby Photographer doll for girls. Wow! They think of everything. It has so much detail, it’s crazy. A surefire hit from Santa. Now what are you waiting for? Go out and get you one!

Little Ballerinas

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Well, the summer session for toddler dance has finally ended. Em had so much fun and it was great meeting all of the moms. I shot a few images of the final class. Not really a recital, but we got to watch. Of course my kid was the one that was just sitting there. Go figure. See you guys in the fall!

To view the entire album larger and order photos, click the circle logo in the bottom right hand of the screen, then click on the name of the album, Claire’s School of Dance. Enjoy.

Pity Your Children

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

I was tipped of by a good friend that there was a new nasal aspirator on the market. She told me this after her hearing me pin down and torture my 8-month-old while trying to suck the snot out of her tiny little nose. I hate it when babies are sick.

So I searched around and found it. I think I just might buy it. I know it sounds gross at first, but I figure as much time as I spend with vomit in my hair or my hands dirty with poop its not that far-fetched of an idea after all. It’s called NoseFrida from Sweden (first Ikea, now this, gotta love them!) and its more than a “hands on” process.

Yes, that’s right. Different from traditional nasal aspirators, or booger suckers as I lovingly refer to them, this one doesn’t utilize the hand pump, but a mouth suction. Nasty. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good testimonial.

In other baby-related topics, I stumbled across this helpful site for expecting moms in need of some baby name ideas. Its called BABY’S NAMED A BAD, BAD THING. The author Diane Goodman is an editor and freelance writer in San Francisco with this sense of humor not unlike my own. She has compiled “a catalog of naming questions and suggestions posted on several different baby naming (message) boards.”

She also comments on them, which is the fun part. Here is an excerpt from her site:

“I’ve suggested to my sister that she name her little girl to be – Manchester. She’s not sure about it but she’s considering. What do you think? [Diane's response] Clever. Like being named Pittsburg or Schenectady. Kid’ll grow up to be beaten to death by Liverpool fans.”

I just think its amusing. But then again, I may just be easily amused. Judge for yourself.

Dance Class

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

I videotaped Em’s dance class. What an undertaking video editing can be! I think I’ll stick with stills.

Part 1: Stretching–Em’s the one wearing pink in the front with pigtails. Harlow is in black on the left.

Part 2: Warming Up…my favorite part

Part 3: Solo Performances

Part 4: Group Dance

Part 5: End of class and getting stickers for a job well done. The idea is that each child takes turns jumping over the carpet squares to receive their stickers. Apparently this is a challenge for a toddler.

If you would like a copy of the full video, please contact me.

Old School

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Woo! It’s been a while since I posted anything here. It’s been ridiculously busy. I was going through some old files and came across this long forgotten video of Em when she was only a year old. Its really funny. I was trying to get her to point to her eyes and nose. She was watching herself on the video camera while taping.

I hope you get a kick out of it.

Emmy Video 1 year


Friday, May 11th, 2007

Look at this. Tell me they look nothing alike.
Just finished their slideshow. View it here.


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