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Pity Your Children

I was tipped of by a good friend that there was a new nasal aspirator on the market. She told me this after her hearing me pin down and torture my 8-month-old while trying to suck the snot out of her tiny little nose. I hate it when babies are sick.

So I searched around and found it. I think I just might buy it. I know it sounds gross at first, but I figure as much time as I spend with vomit in my hair or my hands dirty with poop its not that far-fetched of an idea after all. It’s called NoseFrida from Sweden (first Ikea, now this, gotta love them!) and its more than a “hands on” process.

Yes, that’s right. Different from traditional nasal aspirators, or booger suckers as I lovingly refer to them, this one doesn’t utilize the hand pump, but a mouth suction. Nasty. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good testimonial.

In other baby-related topics, I stumbled across this helpful site for expecting moms in need of some baby name ideas. Its called BABY’S NAMED A BAD, BAD THING. The author Diane Goodman is an editor and freelance writer in San Francisco with this sense of humor not unlike my own. She has compiled “a catalog of naming questions and suggestions posted on several different baby naming (message) boards.”

She also comments on them, which is the fun part. Here is an excerpt from her site:

“I’ve suggested to my sister that she name her little girl to be – Manchester. She’s not sure about it but she’s considering. What do you think? [Diane's response] Clever. Like being named Pittsburg or Schenectady. Kid’ll grow up to be beaten to death by Liverpool fans.”

I just think its amusing. But then again, I may just be easily amused. Judge for yourself.


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